I would like to cordially invite you to an Israeli breakfast in my Tel Aviv kitchen. Your visit to an authentic Israeli kitchen will include a luxurious Israeli breakfast with the purest of organic products, all homemade in a real Israeli home. We'll open this delightful meal with a plate of homemade sheep and goat cheeses, made from fresh milk straight from the dairy, probiotic yogurts and granola rich in walnuts, almonds and raisins

We'll sample fragrant rye breads with germinated wheat, we'll spread sweet saffron buns with orange marmalade made at the height of the season, when the oranges are juicy and fragrant from the rain.

We'll eat our fill of whole-wheat pitas, veggie burgers made with fresh herbs, and free-range eggs; eggplant in fresh olive oil, marinated in garlic, lemon and parsley, pickled veggies that have matured on the window sill, warming themselves in the Israeli sun.

We'll dip pitas and health breads in the tastiest of Israeli spreads: hummous, green tahini (seasoned with parsley), labaneh seasoned with zatar and olive oil

We'll stuff our pitas with fresh chickpea falafels and fresh vegetable salad seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil
We'll drink mint lemonade and we'll make herbal teas from herbs picked fresh from the garden

For dessert, we'll taste homemade cookies: date cookies, butter cookies fragrant with rosewater and decorated with roasted almonds, sweet rolls that are wonderfully aromatic with vanilla pudding, granola cookies loaded with Israeli goodies: nuts, raisins, cranberries; and carrot cake and wonderful tahini that reminds one of halva

For tourists, this is your opportunity to visit a real Israeli kitchen and to taste from the best of Israeli delicacies
It's delightfully different from dining in a restaurant or café – in my Israeli kitchen, you enjoy the feeling of home, with fresh and healthy, quality homemade foods that taste so good you'll want more and more

In addition to breakfast, we'll combine your meal with a baking workshop, where we'll bake Israeli delicacies; we'll divide up into groups and bake everything we love: sweet challahs; fresh, hot rolls; cookies, yeast pastries, mouthwatering cakes and everything we've thought of but have never tried before

An Israeli breakfast in Tel Aviv, combined with a baking workshop – an authentic Israeli experience